Microsoft to Launch Windows Lite Featuring Android Apps


Recently, A Foreign Media House reported that a new Windows namely Windows Lite (sounds like an upgraded version of Windows RT) would soon be coming. This version of Windows has a new lightweight user experience and fast and smooth animation, and the reason for these improvements is Windows Lite. Some legacy components have been removed.

Foreign media house speculate that Windows Lite will be powered by Microsoft’s own Android app store and run the Android app as an emulator (rather than actually running on a Windows system).

Of course, Windows Lite will also support Microsoft’s own UWP application, but it remains to be seen whether it supports traditional Win32 applications.

There is still a problem with the current implementation of the Android APP-compatible program, because many third-party apps require Google Play to function properly. Windows Lite must be powered by Google Play, but Microsoft must obtain Google’s consent to install Google Play. I don’t know if Google will agree with Microsoft.

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