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How to transfer Amazon Pay balance to bank? [2020 Quick Guide]

amazon pay balance

How to transfer Amazon Pay balance to Bank? [2020 Hack updated]


If you have ever wondered how to Transfer Amazon Pay Balance to Bank or Paytm, we have a trick for you that will help you transfer your money to Amazon. Rest assured, this method works 100% and we have verified the process before bringing it to you. Scroll down further to access the method. There are a series of steps that will help you transfer your money.

It’s a new day, hope you guys are doing fantastic. During the tough times of COVID-19, let’s pray for the people who are continuously working to save lives, and the one who lost their lives, may they Rest in Peace. Do take care guys, do not step out of your house, unless its necessary, and do not forget to sanitize yourself once you reach home. Protect yourself and the people around you.

Many people have been asking us if we have a trick to transfer Amazon Pay Balance to Bank or Paytm. We listened, we searched and we tested. We bring to you several options on how you can transfer your Amazon Pay Balance to your Bank or Paytm account. It is an easy process and all of you can easily do it.

Transfer Amazon Pay Balance via Clubfactory App

ClubFactory is one of the most popular apps when it comes to buying cheap stuff like clothes and accessories. Follow the steps we have mentioned below to transfer Amazon Pay Balance to Paytm via ClubFactory App:

  • The first step is to download the app from the respective app market of your device.
  • After the app is downloaded and installed, open the app.
  • Now you have to Signup on the app and log in.
  • Choose and buy any product that you can purchase off your Amazon Pay balance. Remember to pay via Amazon Pay balance.
  • Wait for some time, say 10-15 minutes. Now, cancel the order and the refund will be credited to your Club Factory Wallet.
  • After the refund has been transferred to your Club Factory Wallet, you can transfer it to your Paytm Wallet.

Transfer Amazon Pay Balance via ePOS App

ePOS is an Android app that brings together different modes of payment under one roof. Basically, Merchants can accept multiple modes of payment on their smart devices. Under a new account offer, ePOS is offering a cashback of up to ₹ 1000. Get assured cashback when you transfer money for the first time.

Although this app charges a fee of 1.4%, this app is useful for people who have an online business and it enables them to accept different modes of payment. This app also allows you to request money from customers. Let’s get started and transfer Amazon Pay balance to Bank account.

ePOS app – Transfer Amazon Pay Balance to Bank Account

  • You need to download the ePOS app to get started. Get it here
  • Now you need to create a Merchant Account. Use a Pan Card and Bank Account to create an account.
  • After successfully creating an account, you will be on the home page of the app.
  • Find the Digital Wallet and Click on the option.

transfer amazon pay balance #1

  • Now click on AmazonPay.

transfer amazon pay balance #2

  • You will now have to enter an amount. Enter an amount from your Amazon Pay wallet that you want to transfer. (Minimum is ₹500)

transfer amazon pay balance #3

  • Enter the Customers’ Phone Number.
  • Send the request by clicking on Proceed.
  • You will receive a link on the number entered with a payment request.
  • Click on the link and login to your Amazon Account.
  • Make the payment from your Amazon Pay Balance.

transfer amazon pay balance #4

  • The amount will be credited to your ePOS account. Check it on the home page.
  • Find Account and click on Account and then click on Settle.

transfer amazon pay balance #5

  • Within 3 working days, the amount will be credited to your Bank Account.
  • Keep in mind that a 1.4% transaction charged.
  • When you make the first transaction, you will get a cashback of up to ₹1000.


Transfer Amazon Pay Balance to Paytm

  1. To get started, download the Big Cash App. Get it here
  2. Sign Up using Facebook to get a ₹10 Bonus.
  3. Download the app on your other device.
  4. Check and complete the signup process on both the devices.
  5. You will have to add an amount of ₹50 in the wallet via Amazon Pay
  6. Choose the head-to-head contest in the cricket game. It will cost ₹60.
  7. Play the game.
  8. 1 of the accounts will win ₹100. Transfer it to your Paytm instantly, ₹91 will be credited.


Balance Transfer via Aumont App

  • The first step is to download the Aumont App on your android device. Get it here.
  • After the app is installed, enter your phone number and verify the OTP.
  • Put in your basic info and get started with Augmont App.
  • Find the option “Gold or Silver Buy Now” and click on it.
  • Tap on Silver and put in an amount from your Amazon Pay balance.
  • Tap on the “Buy Now” Button.
  • The next page will ask you for the payment mode. Select Wallet and click on Pay Now.
  • Select Amazon Pay Balance and continue.
  • Log in to your Amazon account next using your e-mail or phone number.
  • Pay through Amazon Pay Balance.
  • The amount you entered will get credited to the Augmont Wallet.

How to Sell Augmont Silver and get the Balance in your Bank Account?

  • Open the App.
  • Tap on the icon which says “Sell”.
  • Enter the Total amount of Silver in grams.
  • Choose Bank Account.
  • Put in your Bank Details.
  • Sell the Silver or Gold.
  • The amount will be credited in your Bank Account within 3 working days.

Transfer Amazon pay balance tricks.

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