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This Feature of iOS 13 may Help you Extend the Life of your Data Cable.


Since the birth of the iPhone 5 in 2012, the Lightning interface is standard on most iOS devices, but many users have reported that the Lightning data cable is not very durable, and sometimes it does not work even if the cable is not damaged. In fact, many times the data cable does not work properly not because the interface is damaged, but because the Lightning terminals are oxidized in a humid environment, the “black matter” generated after oxidation resulting in Lightning cable and port not working properly.

As long as we pay attention to whether there is water in the iPhone charging port before charging, we can avoid data line damage, but since the iPhone’s charging port does not support “wet detection”, we can only be careful before use, and there is no other solution. However, in iOS 13 Beta 2, Apple finally brought the charging port moisture detection function to the iPhone. If there is water in the charging port during charging, the system will prompt and power off the system to prevent the user from damaging the charging port.

Currently, only iPhone XS series and iPhone XR support this function. iPhone X does not support it, so are chances that this function is only available for some new models.

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