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How To Watch Airtel Tv on Laptop


How to Watch Airtel TV on Laptop

Watching live tv on your smartphone is the new trending thing. Remember the old days? When you had to watch tv at your home fighting with everyone for the remote or ‘your’ channel? Thanks to the smartphones which now make it possible to watch live tv on mobile. There are a lot of networks which allow there to user watch live tv on your smartphone like Jio, Vodafone, Airtel, Tata sky, etc. These networks have apps like Jio tv, Vodafone play, Airtel Xstream etc. which the users can use for watching live TV seamlessly.

Today, we present to you a simple way to watch Airtel TV on your PC or Laptop without the need of installing any emulator. The only catch here is, that you need to have an Airtel Connection. You can use any Airtel number to log in once and you can watch it for free.

Airtel TV is now renamed as Airtel Xstream and it is now providing a complete package like Jio with their Fiber launch. You can also stream movies on this website; the ones that they have made available to stream.

Airtel Xstream is available on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store to download for free.

Here is how you can watch Airtel Xstream for free without installing any emulator on your system:

  1. Visit this website – https://www.airtelxstream.in/
  2. Find the settings (three dots) on the bottom of the screen and click on ‘Log In’. Input your Airtel number and you will get the OTP with which you can confirm your login.
  3. Access and browse through different content like different channels, or shows. You can also stream some movies which you can access from the side pane on the left.
  4. In the side panel, you can also find settings to change your preferred language. Also, you can search for any specific show or channel with the ‘Search’ button dedicated to such activities.

How to Watch Live HD TV on Your SmartPhone for Free in 2019

Airtel TV provides a lot of channels to watch but some channels aren’t available to stream on Airtel TV.

Airtel TV was introduced a while after Jio launched their channel-streaming service, JioTV which gave access to almost all channels out there.


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