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How to Activate Dark Mode in Gmail or Chrome.


You may have seen Outlook.com have a new dark mode message and think, “It’s all fine, but I use Gmail like everyone else.” Where is my webmail dark mode? I have good news and bad news.

good news? Gmail doesn’t have one, but there are two dark mode options.

bad news? Gmail’s dark mode is superficial; the bright white background is just below the surface.

Let’s find out.

Gmail dark mode

To open Gmail Dark Mode, click the gear icon in the top right corner and select a theme. Scroll to the section below the photo theme and select Dark or Terminal.

One theme has a black background and white text, while the “Terminal” theme has a slightly darker black tone. However, any topic does not retain its black background when you open an email or click Create to start a new message. In both cases, you’ll be welcomed by the standard format, and a bright white background can be annoying when viewing your inbox in dark mode.

Dark mode of the entire Chrome

Unlike Gmail, Google’s Chrome browser doesn’t have a built-in dark mode. However, there is an extension that allows you to enable dark mode for any web page, including Gmail. This is great for Google Drive without the built-in dark mode option.

Install Chrome’s dark mode extension, a small button will appear in the top right corner of the browser. Click to enter (and then quit) the dark mode of each web page. 

Dark mode extensions are available for Gmail, allowing you to compose and read emails in dark mode. You can also choose from a variety of dark themes in the extension options.

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