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Facebook Image Search – How to Find Profiles Using An Image


Facebook is basically the Myspace of 2000s. It is the worlds most popular platform for ‘social’ use. It’s free to use and people can find and connect to anyone with a profile worldwide. Usually, more than 200 million photos are being uploaded every day on Facebook. 

Facebook Image Search, as the name suggests is a process to find the profile of a user using either Photo ID, photo search or the ‘Advance Facebook Search’. So, if you have a picture the profile of which you seek to find, then some ways are suggested below.

How to?

Facebook has a different method of identifying photos unlike the google, which crawls and indexes the image based on the alt text. Facebook on the other hand;

  1. Has the ability to crawl Facebook photos based on an account id
  2. Privacy settings of the users – only the public photos will be displayed. Hence, the privacy settings matter when it comes to looking up the person.

The general process of searching pictures is by signing into your account and typing the appropriate keyword(s) and the results will be displayed accordingly. Users can search through different parameters like location, or university and vice-versa.

On the other hand, to search for images or a profile is a hectic task.

Using Photo ID

  • If you have a picture which has been extracted from some account on Facebook, then,
  • Look at the file name of the picture
  • There will be 3 sets of numbers. We need the middle part. That is the Profile ID of the user.
  • Now, just paste the numbers in place of ******* in the following URL:


It must lead to the profile of the user!

Using Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search is a basic method where similar pictures can be searched using an image. In this process, the image is scanned and visually similar images are presented as search results. You can do this easily with,

Google Image Search

There is no different Google website for this task. Google Image search can be used through its native website by dragging pictures onto the browser and into the search box. It’s that easy!

Other options include: TinEye, Bing Rev Image Search, RIS Mobile App. These provide services similar to Google Image Search.

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