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Modern technologies greatly simplify the life of photography lovers. Even if the picture was not very successful, with the help of Photoshop you can retouch it on your computer and remove unwanted objects. With the mobile application TouchRetouch and Bye Bye Camera, editing photos and removing unnecessary things from them has become even easier – there is no need to use a computer mouse, one finger is enough.

As we heard a lot of time that if you want to edit your pictures then you have to use photoshop only, but you can edit them on your smartphone also with different kind of apps.

TouchRetouch can be downloaded from the App Store for 1.99$, and the application is worth the money. It provides several modes. The “Remove Objects” tool allows you to select and delete what should not be on the photo (skin imperfections, unauthorized people in the frame, road signs, wires, etc.). With the help of “Cloning stamp,” you can eliminate the shortcomings by copying successful elements and inserting them into the place of unsuccessful ones.

The application also allows you to remove unnecessary lines just by swiping them with your finger. There is no need to scrupulously mark the entire line. Suffice it to mention only a part, and TouchRetouch automatically recognizes it all.

How to remove unnecessary objects from a photo using TouchRetouch

1. Open the app, click on ” Albums ” and select a photo.

2. Increase the part of the image that you want to delete.

3. Click on ” Delete Objects “. By default, the Brush tool open. One movement “paint” an extra object. Click on ” Forward .”

4. At this stage, the unnecessary object should disappear from the photo. If you still have extra lines, erase them again. You can also click on the ” Back ” button, return everything as it was, and try again.

5. If you are satisfied with the result, click on “ Share ” and select the “ Gallery ” option to save the finished image in “ Camera Roll ”.

How To download Touchretouch for free

Step 1- Install Ac market to your phone

Step2- Open ac market and search for Touchretouch

Step3-Click on Download option.

Step4- After download, click on install now

Step5- now install the app and enjoy.



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