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Top 6 Best Mobile Insurance Companies in India

best mobile insurance companies

Have you ultimately caved and are looking for the best mobile insurance company? If you are here, reading this, we are sure that you have undergone liquid spills on your phone or have again for the thousandth time dropped your phone that the screen is beyond repair. It’s about time we tell you about the best mobile insurance company.

Mobile insurance, how it works and what all does it cover?

The third-party mobile insurance companies make sure to cover: Physical damage, Screen damage and Liquid spills, Repairs and Replacement, Battery, accessories cover and Camera damages, Speakers, Charging port, Mic malfunctions and software issues too which we’re sure your average manufacturer denied and hasn’t guaranteed you leaving you with nothing but running for repairs every time.

Mobile insurance doesn’t cover –
  • Mysterious loss of phone, unexplained theft, unattended device being stolen from a third-person property
  • Deliberately damaging the phone with a malicious intent
  • Climatic conditions affecting the phone (battery heating up because it was kept outdoors for long)
  • Pre-existing damages before the insurance was registered


Mobile insurance is a type of insurance which assures phone protection. Trust only the IRDA approved insurance companies. Mobile insurance is so important in today’s time because one we can’t live without our phones for a day and second no matter how good your phone case is, it is just not enough!

Make sure that you don’t miss out on these benefits of grabbing mobile phone insurance,

With the best mobile insurance –
  • you don’t have to worry about running for repairs
  • Insurance will shoulder replacement cost and repairing expensive for you
  • there is a higher chance of getting a replacement for a broken or lost smartphone than buying downgraded models.


How does Mobile insurance work?

You opt for any best mobile insurance company, register with them by filling forms and formality procedures.

In case of any above-mentioned incidents with your phone, you directly call your insurance company, register a claim with them by explaining honestly and filling Claim forms along with submission of required documents of the phone like Bill, FIR copy (optional) etc depending on the company requirements. Every company has different service procedures, some give you single-call assistance immediately. They will take it further accordingly then.

To avail all the benefits of mobile insurance, make sure to fill all these details correctly while registering with any mobile insurance company –

  • personal details like Name and postal address
  • IMEI number
  • Model and serial number of the phone
  • Original Bill including date of purchase and price purchased at

Let us introduce the best mobile insurance companies in India today –


  • It is one of the best mobile insurance company guaranteed.
  • It covers new and old phones both, no matter how old your phone is and if you forgot to buy mobile insurance during purchase, this is the smartphone insurance company to go for.
  • They offer worldwide coverage, no matter where in the world your phone is.
  • Also, they link your insurance to IMEI number, so it doesn’t matter who is using it, it will remain insured.
  • At the time of purchase of the mobile insurance with GoDigit, they give you a ‘Sum Insured’ amount which helps you in reimbursement every time you need a repair.
  • GoDigit offers protection plans for these different brands, you can visit their website to know more about the exact prices.


  • Doorstep pickup and cashless repair: They will pick up the phone after one call conversation and drop it after repairing, totally cashless, means it will be covered as a claim of your insurance
  • Blocks SIM in one call if the phone is lost
  • The cover offered to 6 months old phones also
  • They offer you warrant extension plans also
  • Temporary phone to use in the meantime is given too
  • Plans start at Rs. 67 per month, with annual membership plans also. For instance – A OnePlus 8 pro insurance will cost you Rs. 5999/year or 493/month or for an iPhone 11, the insurance/ protection plan they offer is at Rs. 8699 or Rs. 715 per month.
  • An unlimited number of claims till the date you are a member.
  • Has transferable insurance flexibility for some plans
  • insurance to be activated within the 7 days of purchase of the device

Note – This mobile insurance company does not cover for any phone purchased outside India, it is exclusively a service for India brought smartphones.



Three features and plans provided by Onsitego:

  • Extended warranty plans
  • Screen protection
  • Liquid Spills
  • Free pick up and drop for repairs
  • No paperwork while making claims
  • Home service also available for repairs
  • Can be bought from Amazon, Croma and the company website
  • Activate the plan within 30 days of purchase
  • The company reimburses the cost if the pick-up and drop service is unavailable

Note – only yearly plans available starting from Rs 320 for the extended warranty, Rs 799 for Screen protection and Rs 989 for drops and spills protection. *starting cost



  • Official third party mobile insurance partner for OnePlus and Apple.
  • They have different protection plans for different smartphone brands. It depends on the brand and the hardware the most thus unique plans for each like Apple, OnePlus, Samsung care, Motocare, Xiaomi protect and Nokia insurance.
  • Extended warranty plans only for OnePlus, Nokia and Motocare.
  • Up to date with new technology and hardware hence its separate plans are efficient, no generic plan for all phones.
  • Plans are separately priced product and brand wise.



  • Their mobile insurance covers damages up to Rs. 10,000 at a nominal premium of Rs.499.
  • They have a unique insurance cover which also allows you to claim during natural calamities or unavoidable circumstances like riots etc
  • Fire and special perils, burglary, accidental damage and breakdown (physical or mechanical) are covered.
  • Terrorism damage, old phones or pollution damage is not covered.
  • All the below smartphone brands are covered by this insurance:



  • Flipkart offers a complete mobile protection plan.
  • Only applicable on phones brought on Flipkart, cannot be purchased separately. Just make sure to add the plan while purchasing a phone from Flipkart next time
  • 10-day mobile repair guaranteed otherwise Flipkart gives you an Rs. 500 Flipkart voucher.
  • The plan starts at Rs. 99 only and it couldn’t be a better deal.
  • Has a complete door-to-door service and will repair damages up to Rs. 15,000 and more.
  • In the end, they cover all types of repairs and will make sure that they are done by a mobile brand authorised and trained engineers.


These are the top best mobile insurance companies in India. Let us know which one did you choose!

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