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Is Charging iPhone Overnight Safe or Not?


Today, smartphones are an integral part of our lives. We use them so often that we have to charge the batteries of mobile devices almost every day, and sometimes more often. Due to the fact that we leave smartphones alone only at night, it is at this time of day that the charging process takes place. But is it worth it to leave the gadget connected to the network all night long, since manufacturers initially insisted that charging too long leads to battery wear?

There are a very large number of theories and questionable assumptions about this. After spending a little time on the Internet looking for practical advice, you will find a whole bunch of posts that are rather an expression of your own opinion than genuine facts. How to find the truth? DigitalTrends journalists spoke with the co-founder of Farbe Technik, a charger company, Shane Browski. His words are confirmed by Apple, which since iOS 13 has introduced optimized battery charging. So…

Leaving the iPhone to charge all night is possible if battery life is not the main factor for you

“Leaving the phone connected to the network at night is possible , it doesn’t hurt your device too much,” said Browsky. “Your phone is very smart, and once it is fully charged, it will block the incoming charge in order to protect itself from overcharging and overheating.”

On the other hand, if the iPhone is just a phone for you, which in any case you will change to a new one in a year or two, then there is no point in worrying about the battery life.

Why iPhone Battery Life Diminishes with Constant Night Charging

Constant “night charging” will gradually reduce the battery life.

“When you leave your iPhone on charge for the whole night, the battery capacity drops from 100% to 95-98%, and then recharges again. During the night, such a cycle will be repeated several times. As a result, a large number of charging cycles will be wasted, even without using the phone actively.In addition, lithium-ion batteries can react negatively to high temperature conditions, which also leads to a reduction in battery life, explains Shane. – If the smartphone is in a case that does not allow heat to go out, it will increase the temperature of the battery and cause cellular oxidation, which will reduce the capacity and battery wear.

That is, sometimes in order to prevent damage to the battery, putting the smartphone on charge at night, it is necessary to remove the cover.

But there is good news. Starting with iOS 13, Apple introduced a new algorithm called Optimized Battery Charging. Thanks to this mode, the iPhone will keep the battery level around 80% overnight, sometimes turning it off completely. The iOS algorithm will determine when the user usually wakes up and starts his day and by this time will restart charging, so that by the beginning of the day a smartphone with a 100% full battery will be in hand.

In other words, the Optimized Battery Charging feature will ensure that the iPhone does not use wasted charge cycles overnight. The program will provide 100% battery charge to the beginning of the active day.

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