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How To Watch Netflix For Free


Where to watch Netflix shows for free.

There is a lot of questions on How to Watch Netflix for free online or Where to watch Netflix shows for free, Netflix Premium account for free 2020, Free Netflix shows, Free Netflix movies online. Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in India and throughout the world. It offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries and more – on thousands of internet-connected devices. It is also talked about because of the subscription charge. Netflix is not cheap, going as high as Rs. 799 per month. There are no advertisements and you have the option to download stuff, to watch later in-case. Netflix keeps on updating its database with fresh content every week, so logically, there is unlimited content. Unless you have some binge war! 


NOTE – We do not promote piracy in any forms, this is just an educational guide on how to watch Netflix for free. No, there is no crack for this app or any cheat. It’s just a way around.

  • Popcorn Time – Popcorn Time is a mobile app that offers the shows and movies that Netflix has for free. Apart from Netflix content, it also offers a variety of other movies and other media. It streams the torrents via a web-client. It is not available to download on the Google Play Store, but you can download the official apk via the official website. Or, just click There are no ads on this app as well, and it works on all platforms be it mobile or desktop. You can enjoy content in HD on this app.


  • If you are one of the collectors, you might want to use µTorrent Web. It works just like the regular app, but you get the option to play your media while it is downloading. This app integrates into the browser and when you click on any magnet link, it will automatically redirect to the browser page for µTorrent. Check your files, experiment and have fun. There are other options apart from µTorrent, like BitTorrent and other clients which offer the same service. Explore the web to find your favourite option!

  • If you have been over Google Chrome and its memory-hogging problem, here is a solution to that as well. This Browser app offers an in-built ad-blocker and a torrent client. Plus, it comes with a ton of customization. And, it goes easy on the memory. The build-up does not compare with the excellent performance if this browser. If you haven’t heard of it already, it’s BraveBrowser! Here’s a link to the official website –

These 3 options are an alternative to Netflix. You can download files from Torrent websites otherwise. If you are new to Torrent, check out the different Torrent websites. They are a database of all kinds of downloadable at one place.

There are some other legitimate ways, but they consume time and test user patience.

  1. The first one is the usual 30 days trial. Use your email and use a Netflix account for a month. It’s free until your trial period ends.
  2. If you don’t care for being without Netflix for a long stretch, there is one other method. When you cancel the subscription just before the trial ends, Netflix will try to reach out to you after some time. Sometimes, its months, sometimes longer. Although there is no guarantee that this method will work.
  3. Having multiple credit cards will come in handy if you want to create different trial accounts. Although, since Netflix does not see the numbers from the cards, the same card can be used more than once to create different accounts. Although, you would need a different email each time you create separate accounts.

The most important thing to remember while creating new accounts with a card is that you need to cancel the subscription before the trial ends, otherwise you will be charged. Don’t know how to do that? Follow the steps:

  • Log on to Netflix account from your browser.
  • Go to your account settings by clicking on your user icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Click on Cancel Membership.
  • Select Finish Cancellation.

It’s not the end, yet. Yes, we also have a different approach with the different Mobile Networks.

If you live in India, Vodafone and Airtel Post-paid customers get exclusive access to Netflix and other apps. With the increase in plans from all the mobile service providers, Post-paid doesn’t look as expensive as it used to be in the past. For a very negligible difference, you can get access to different services under which Netflix is also provided. And, if you have all of your family on the same network, then the prices get all-the-more cheaper. Check out what your network service provider has to offer!

The last method as we speak of is an option just available in India. ACT Fibernet is one of the major growing broadband company which offers high-speed internet in major cities of India and with some of the plans, they also offer a subscription to Netflix. Head to the ACT Fibernet website to check out the packages and if they serve in your city!

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