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How To Stop Google From Recording Your Conversations


If you use the voice search feature “Ok, Google” on your smartphone or if you speak to the Google Assistant, Google allows you to record and save the conversations and spoken words. In ” How to,” we’ll explain how to prevent it.

Even though we are still at the beginning of a revolution, voice assistants and voice search are playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives.

If you do not feel like typing in Google manually, just use the voice command “Ok, Google” and you’re ready to go. The same applies, for example, when cooking. With a language assistant you can navigate through the recipe despite dirty hands.

In order for Google to be able to handle your inquiries, it is of course necessary for the Group to record and analyze your conversations. After all, the Google Assistant does not know what your words mean.

“Ok, Google”: Please do not record any more conversations

If you do not want Google to record and save your conversations, just follow the instructions in our ” How to ” section. Important: You must go through these steps on each device individually.

First, open Google and click on your profile picture in the upper right corner.

Now a small window opens. There you click on “Google Account

In the settings, you now select “Data & Personalization” on the left.

Now a menu opens again. Here you click the small arrow next to “Voice & Audio Activity” on.

Immediately you will find yourself in the activity settings again. So after “Ok, Google” your conversations are no longer recorded, you have to change the blue-backed switch.

Before Google deactivates this function, the company will inform you about the consequences. We do not want our conversations to be recorded and stored even longer. That’s why we choose ” pausing “.

Now the lever is grayed out. This completes the recording of your calls and audio for the time being.

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