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How to Enable Dark Mode on Opera for all Android sites


How to Enable Opera’s Website Dark Mode on Android

In current versions of operating systems, developers have added support for the dark mode to save battery power, as well as to reduce the negative effects of the effect of blue light on sleep. Unfortunately, this often affects only elements of the OS interface and third-party applications with support, and most sites are still in a light design for one reason or another.

The latest version of Opera for Android has the ability to enable night mode, which activates a dark theme for all sites. A new feature appeared in the browser version number 55, after turning it on, it turns the background black, instead of the usual dimming.

In addition, users have the opportunity to fully configure the night mode. The application allows you to control colour temperature, dimming level, on and off schedule. Opera Product Manager Stefan Stjernelund said that with this release, making our browser very dark, we made sure that you do not interfere with others who are trying to sleep.

It is worth noting that a similar function is already available in the Samsung Internet browser. It turns on automatically depending on the global settings of the device’s night mode.




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