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How to Access iCloud Services on Android


Do you know that you most definitely can use iCloud services on your Android phone? Don’t worry if you use a mac or had iPhone in the past, with a few simple steps you can access your iCloud services on Android in no time. Just stick through with us till the end!

You can access iCloud services on Android, but the only demerit is that you won’t be able to transfer/sync the files. But wait, we have a solution for that too.

If you want to transfer your iCloud files, you can do the same if you still have your old iPhone. Simply download the Google Photos app available for Apple, transfer the files on there and you are good to go.

Mainly, we’ll talk about three iCloud services which you can access on Android – Photos, Email, Calendar and Contacts.

How to access iCloud Photos on Android

The trick is quite simple and very efficient. All you need to do is visit ‘‘ from your mobile browser, for example, Google Chrome.

  • Go to on your phone browser.
  • Enter your email ID and sign-in.
  • Click on the photos icon to view all your photos instantly.

You can very well access all your photos now, share links and can also view the account settings. You can also view your notes or use the ‘Find my Phone’ feature by the same trick. Just visit on your browser.

P.S. While signed-in on the iCloud site on your browser, you can click on the menu bar on the top right and select ‘Desktop site’ view. This will expand the page, will also make the icons smaller to read but will display all the other range of iCloud services like Calendar, Mail, Reminder etc. Keep in mind, there is a high chance that some services might work properly and pose difficulties because they are not developed for Android users.


How to Access your iCloud Email on Android

Its quite easy to access your iCloud emails on Android when you have an email address ending with @mac, @me, or @icloud.

  • Open your Gmail app
  • On the top- left menu button, scroll down to Settings
  • Click on Add Account and select ‘Other’ from the given account options
  • Enter your iCloud email address and click Next
  • Type in your password in the next step and again click Next
  • Gmail will automatically insert your iCloud account in the phone’s android system and that’s all.

You can now browse through your iCloud inbox easily


How to Access your iCloud Calendar on Android 

This part is quite tricky, unfortunately, there is no direct way to sync or transfer your contacts or calendar on Android. For it to work, you will need an iPhone or an iPad. Let’s see how to work it around –

  • Open your iPhone or the iPad
  • Go to your Name/Name ID
  • Select iCloud
  • Make sure that the contacts toggle is switched ‘on’ in the list
  • Now on your computer, open on a web browser.
  • Login to your account and click on the Calendar icon.
  • On the left pane, go to the Share calendar option next to the calendar you want to export to your Android device.
  • Select Public Calendar from the pop-up menu, copy the link and click OK.
  • Open a new tab on the browser, paste the URL and make sure to change the beginning to ‘http’. Click Enter.
  • By doing so, a Save Files Dialog box appears, proceed by saving the file in your computer in any folder you like.
  • Now, Open Google Calendar on your Windows browser.
  • Go to the left pane menu bar, select Import Calendar.
  • Upload the saved file, the iCloud exported file which you downloaded and there you have it, your entire calendar will merge and open in Google Calendar.

There is a similar process to export your contacts as well. Do try that out as well.


So yes, we come to the end of all the methods on How to access iCloud services on Android. Any more suggestions are welcome!

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