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Green Marketing: How eco-friendly are you?


Marketing is dynamic and time and again brings phenomena to the fore, leaving us confused – whether analog or digital. So what do you do? Let the air out! For this reason, there is at this point at regular intervals our column: One is still – The marketing on Sunday. Today: Green Marketing. More hypocrisy than inner conviction?

We can recall Five years ago, Many agencies and marketing experts at that time designed the concepts of green marketing and green washing and brought them profitably among the people and the companies.

Sustainability. Better handling of finite resources. Environmental awareness. Actually an attitude that is commendable.

Currently, the supply of environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable products and services is felt to be immeasurable. Organic clothing, Beyond-Meat-Burger, E-Scooter, plastic-free supermarkets.

But why does everyone feel involved?

All things that make sense in any case and stand for environmental protection and sustainability.

In times of constant irrigation on all channels and also because of my pronounced Social Media Tourette syndrome, I can not shake the feeling that everyone is really on the green train on the go. And we constantly winked at Instagram, Twitter and Co. and staged accordingly greenish.

Since you have to ask yourself the question: Do you buy all really sustainable, you renounce in the lunch break on the salad bowl made of the finest plastic and on the weekend on the neck steak of your gas grill?

Advantage “Green Marketing”

So why are so many more or less well-known celebrities and companies putting their green consciousness in the spotlight?

Because it meets the zeitgeist and guarantees a better image. Moral aspects? More hypocrisy than inner conviction, it seems to me.

Today, we do not just buy good products and services. But we also want to buy from people whom we can trust. Who live their values and beliefs that inspire and take other people along. And not on their own competitive advantage.

More honesty will not hurt

Better show that we have not finished everything yet and can not do everything we want.

Shows that we still rely on fossil fuels and visit our hometown with our burners.

And that we prefer the Mediterranean holiday on the Baltic Sea, to which we could also come with the powered by green electricity.

Yes, we should all act socially and ecologically. But please be all authentic and openly admit if you sin. This breaks no jags from the green eco-crown. And make you more confident again.

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