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Best International Flight Booking Site in India

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What’s are the best websites to book International flight tickets in India?

Isn’t it just so boring trying to find the perfect website where you can book your tickets? We’ve put an end to that, well for now. Here we list a number of websites with the features that users and choose to opt for. We tried to book the ticket for a particular date and we have presented the difference that we observed in the websites.


Skyscanner is one of the most popular websites that is used worldwide to book tickets for flights. It is a search engine that looks for your search in a number of different websites and presents the results. By default, the results are sorted by the order of price.

Interesting feature:

If you can’t decide where to go, just select everywhere! It puts up a list which will show you all the places you can visit for the respective date and it is sorted by price. It is an amazing feature for people who cannot decide where to go out. They can decide a place based on their budget. Interesting, isn’t it?

Before booking the ticket:                                The final amount presented:

Verdict – Skyscanner is one of those websites that do not impose any hidden charges while checking out. Tickets will cost you the same amount as you see on the booking page. The convenience charges are included in the displayed price – spot it in the fare breakup!


Momondo is not one of the popular platforms but it’s a promising website if you’re looking for the cheapest tickets. It is also a search-engine based travel aggregator which puts up a list of options for the enquired destination and date.

Interesting feature:

Momondo also has the feature where it suggests you places when you can’t decide where to go. Just select anywhere and let it do its work! It has an interesting time division where you can select seasons and months! It brings up a list which is plotted in a map or just a regular list, if that’s your vice!

Verdict: When we tried booking tickets from momondo we got no price difference in the final amount than what was displayed on the search page. Hence, there are no hidden charges and the convenience fee is included in the fare which makes it more convenient than usual!



MakeMyTrip is an Indian company which provides a variety of travel services including tickets and hotels and a variety of other options. It also provides insurance over tickets to keep the passengers insured at an extra cost though!

Before booking the ticket:                                    The final amount presented:

Interesting feature:

MMT offers an insurance for Rs. 249 which can be used to insure the trip in case of a variety of reasons. We have attached a screenshot of the various benefits that are covered under the same.

Verdict: MakeMyTrip offers tickets at prices higher than skyscanner and momondo both. And the difference is quite some amount. Plus, they also have hidden convenience charges that are revealed at the end just before payment.  


Yatra is also an Indian company that is a travel agency and a search engine that offers services like flight tickets, hotel bookings, and even cruise packages! They also have a unique cancellation protection feature that will get you your full refund when you cancel your ticket for an additional amount.

Before booking the ticket:

The final amount presented:

Interesting feature:

Yatra has this cancellation policy wherein people can pay some extra money so that in case of cancellations, the refund can be received without losing money. But, what they are charging is not a small amount. So, if you have dicey plans and but still want to book tickets, you can opt for the same without thinking of the refund. It also offers insurance for your trip with a variety of features like MMT.

Verdict: Yatra offers cancellation charges which come in handy when you’re making some long-term plans and might need to cancel the ticket. But, it also has a hidden convenience charge, which is revealed just before the payment gateway.


Paytm is a popular payments platform in India and it offers a plethora of services which also includes air tickets. although

Before booking the ticket:                                        The final amount presented:


Paytm also provides free cancellation and it charges less than what Yatra charged for the same trip. It also provides with insurance options with the same. One interesting thing about paytm is that it also provides additional discount via promo-codes which can be browsed and applied before making payments. Cashback and other offers can be used through Paytm wallet.

Verdict: Paytm also charges hidden convenience fee which isn’t revealed until the payment, but it also seems to offer various cashbacks and other offers that makes it a more convenient to use because it is a very common platform used to making payments in India.



Interesting feature:

HappyEasyGo also provides with insurance for the trip just like MMT, Yatra and Paytm. It also provides rewards in form of Happy Silver and Happy Gold.

Verdict: HappyEasyGo also has a hidden convenience and if you are a frequent flyer, you can use those rewards to reduce the amount on your next flight.


Skyscanner and Momondo offer the cheapest tickets in comparison to the regular websites we are used to. MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Paytm and HappyEasyGo all have a skyscannerhidden convenience fee which they reveal right before the payment is made. But in case of paytm and happyeasygo, you can make use of rewards in your future trips.



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