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Chrome Extension To Download Videos


Chrome-Extension to Download any Video

Sometimes, we come across videos that we want to download but can’t because we do not usually come across websites with support for different websites. Also, some embedded videos are difficult to download because of encryption and security. Some sites support downloading, but most of them do not. 

So, what is the solution? How to download videos from separate websites without downloading any app? The answer is here – extensions. 

Extensions are nothing but small applets that add onto functionality of the browser. Think of them as a straw to your drink. With the existence of extensions, it’s not necessary to download separate apps to perform some functions. 

Let’s look at some extensions that come in handy to download videos. We have tried and tested these so you don’t need to worry about the potent-malware threat. We have created this list so that you don’t download any random extension you come across the web.

  • Flash Video Downloader – When we checked the website for Flash Video Downloader, they claim that this extension is capable of downloading videos from around 99% of the websites over the internet. We tested, and we found the claim to be true. 1% of websites include YouTube and other non-popular video websites. And, it is quite easy to set up. Just visit the desired webpage that you want to download the video from and click on the extension to reveal the different download options for the video. Select the desired resolution available and it will be downloaded to your website. 
  • Chrono Download Manager – This downloader has a different approach. It replaces itself with the default chrome downloader and integrates itself tightly with the context menus. Apart from videos, it also helps in download management and bulk image downloading too. It is available on the chrome store as well as for downloading separately. It is capable of detecting different links, audios, videos, images on a web page.
  • Addoncrop – Just in case if you have searched for extensions on the Chrome web store to download YouTube videos and haven’t found any is the fact that Google doesn’t support direct video downloads. Addoncrap is available to download separately which allows downloading YouTube videos. It comes with multiple resolution support and users can also download video sin 4k. It also provides the option for downloading the audio-only in MP3 or WebM format with just a click.
  • Video Downloader Plus – Video Downloader Plus was developed as a Facebook downloader initially and as the plugin gained popularity the developers began increasing the scope of the extension. It now is able to download videos from different websites and it also supports multiple video downloads at the same time. It is completely free to use.
  • Video Downloader Professional – It is one of the popular extensions and it has a good rating too. You get the option of downloading videos from a page or creating a playlist. You can get quick access to videos by creating the video list and you don’t need to look for the web page(s) too. Mirror the downloaded videos via Chromecast and stream it seamlessly.
  • YouTube Video Downloader – It is compatible with different browsers out there and is specifically designed for downloading videos from YouTube. It is being actively maintained by the developers and it offers a tonne of features. There’s a load of options that can be edited too to suit preferences and settings as per one’s need. From file formats to audio, all can be downloaded through this extension. One added feature that this extension offers is that it allows you to take screenshots from the video that is being played. It downloads as a PNG file – super easy and quick.
  • YouTube by click – It is an add-on program which is compatible with different browsers. Just install the program and it does the rest. As soon as you browse to the video on YouTube or some other supported sites, it automatically brings up a pop-up asking you if you want to download the video. It is quite simple and pretty quick. There are two versions to this add-on though. You can download HD videos and convert them in the premium version only. The free version will allow you to download the sound file or the clip.

Special Mentions:

  • KeepVid – KeepVid was one of the most popular extensions out of the rest, probably the most favoured one. But it was shut down recently due to complaints from Google and YouTube. It was the easiest to use and probably worked better than others.
  • Internet Download Manager – IDM is a software that serves the purpose of a downloader. But, it splits the file from the source while downloading; so, the downloads are much faster on IDM. It also has a grabber tool which is capable of grabbing URL to determine downloads from the same. It can also sniff audio or video from the webpages which will allow you to download these files in different formats they are available in. It is a paid software but you can use it free for 30 days to check out the features and is a purchase worth making.

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