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Hashtag Tag: The new reach-booster for your Instagram stories


The triumph of Instagram in recent years is quite impressive. From a niche photo platform, Instagram has become the seventh largest social network in the World.

Every day, more than half a billion people worldwide actively use Instagram stories. What began as a copy of Snapchat’s hit format has become the trump card of Instagram and the entire Facebook family.

The world of stories has already partially replaced the classic news feed. In the next few years, this trend will solidify. This has repeatedly emphasized Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg lately.

More coverage for your Instagram stories: The hashtag day brings it

It became clear that both the hashtag day and the location day could have a great deal of leverage. If you use a hashtag tag in your Instagram story, you’ll quickly get hundreds of additional viewers.

For example, the hashtag #SUNSET in the example reached just under 100 Instagram users within a few minutes. That’s potentially 100 people who have never known your Instagram account yet.

That’s why using hashtag tags in your Instagram story is great for getting new users into your profile. If they find high-quality and interesting content there, chances are they’ll follow your account immediately.

Likewise, the hashtag tag or hashtags in the text is wonderfully suited to specifically target content to a specific target group. For example, it is possible to specifically target users who are interested in Facebook marketing (#FacebookMarketing).

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