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No one likes to receive phone calls from unknown numbers and be interrupted in the middle of an important job or late in the evening. Unfortunately, with the increasing number of online purchases, it is almost impossible to keep your number secure. If you indicated it on any site when registering for a training or sent a loan application, it will be transferred from one company to another.

If you are tired of calls that are constantly trying to sell something or even worse – are threatened, then you will be helped by special applications that compare the caller’s number in their database and show all the information available on it. This will give you a better idea of whether to answer the call or not.


Truecaller: ID & spam block
Truecaller: ID & spam block
Developer: Truecaller
Price: Free+
  • Truecaller: ID & spam block Screenshot
  • Truecaller: ID & spam block Screenshot
  • Truecaller: ID & spam block Screenshot
  • Truecaller: ID & spam block Screenshot
  • Truecaller: ID & spam block Screenshot

Truecaller is the most popular application that allows you to find out who is calling from an unknown number. It can also block unwanted calls, completely protecting you from unnecessary calls. If a blocked subscriber tries to call you, he will hear a busy tone.



CallApp allows you to identify unknown subscribers, block spam calls, record incoming and outgoing calls. In this case, the main function remains the definition of unknown numbers, so it is not surprising that blocking spam does not work very well.



Sync.ME has 10 million active users. It can block calls, ignore phone calls and identify unfamiliar numbers from all over the world. In addition, it can determine the sender of the SMS and block it. SyncME supports reverse lookup of any phone number. There is a built-in reminder of birthdays, information about which is taken from social networks.



Hiya, formerly known as Whitepages Caller Id, like Truecaller, detects unknown numbers and automatically blocks spam. The application searches for caller information using its own database of millions of phone numbers.

The application uses its huge database to identify over 400 million calls per month. In addition, Hiya also checks the content of SMS messages for malicious links. Hiya has a chic design, does not show any advertising and it is free.



Whoscall was developed by Gogolook back in 2010 and during that time managed to collect an impressive base of more than 700 million numbers worldwide, plus a community of 50 million users.

More than 20 million are detected per day with the help of Whoscall and about 500 thousand calls are blocked. The key advantage of the service is its autonomous database, which allows you to identify the caller even without an internet connection.

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