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US Trying to Remove End-to-End Encryption from Instant Messaging Apps


The administration of US President Donald Trump is considering the possibility of prohibiting end-to-end encryption used in services such as iMessage, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Signal, and others. This topic, according to the Politico newspaper, was central to the National Security Council meeting this Wednesday.

Politico cites three news sources at once. Below are the words of one of them:

High-level representatives of the Trump administration met to discuss whether to create a law prohibiting technology companies from using encryption forms that law enforcement agencies cannot allow users to access to information. This will be a provocative step that will resume the long-standing feud between the federal authorities and Silicon Valley.
The problem of encryption, which the government calls “blackout,” was the main theme of the National Security Council meeting on Wednesday morning, which was attended by representatives from several key agencies. 

The meeting reportedly discussed two options for the adoption of the bill:

“Two options for the law were to either publicly publish the statement and the general position of the government on encryption and say that they will continue to work on the decision, or directly ask Congress to adopt the law.”

During this meeting, the final decision was not made. The Department of Justice and the FBI argue that catching criminals and terrorists should be a top priority, even if simplified encryption creates risks for users to be hacked. The Ministry of Commerce and the state departments do not agree, pointing to the economic and diplomatic consequences of the mandatory appearance of backdoors

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