India Planning to Launch Its Own Space Station by 2030


India is planning to launch it’s own space station by 2030 to enhance its aeronautical capabilities. said Chief of India Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Dr. Kailasavadivoo Sivan in a press conference.

A space station is an artificial manned satellite. Its purpose is to stay in space for a prolonged period of time and let other spacecraft to dock on it.

The space station will be used to operate microgravity experiments. India will also get into the race with US, Russia, and China after it gets its own space station.

ISRO will start working on its space station mission termed Gaganyaan (“Sky Craft”) in 2022, after the completion of India’s first human space mission, Chandrayaan 2 (moon vehicle).

Gaganyaan focuses on sending two to three humans in low Earth orbit of 300-400 km for a week’s time. “This is our ambition. We want to have a separate space station. We will launch a small module for conducting microgravity experiments,” Dr. Sivan added.

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