Bitcoin Scam in India Police Arrested 78 People


A call centre scam that targeted American residents and solicits payment in Bitcoin $BTC has been busted by Indian police leading to the arrest of 78 individuals.

According to a report, the Indore unit of Madhya Pradesh police’s Cyber Cell revealed the internet scam, that saw telecallers with American accents fooling American residents.

The callers claimed they were officers from America’s Social Security unit and told victims’ Social Security credentials had been used for money laundering and smuggling.

They also told victims that if they didn’t pay the requested money, their Social Security number would be blocked and they’d face a lawsuit.

Victims were asked to pay amounts between $50 and $5,000 in the form of Bitcoin, pre-paid gift cards, and other sorts of online payments.

The criminal ring was operated from 3 forge call centres in India, however, police suspect the network additionally has links to more countries.

“Acting on a tip-off concerning suspicious activities being administrated from these places within the town, the police arrested the gang leader, Javed Menon, and 77 others earlier this week,” Jitendra Singh, superintendent of Police, Cyber Cell-Indore, said.

Among those caught, a majority were telecallers. They were operative from 3 different locations. around 60 computer, 70 mobiles, servers, and other gadgets from their possession. They’d obtained Social Security number of 10 American residents, their mobile numbers, and other confidential details.

As per the news from the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) alert regarding phone scammers posing as Social Security Administration officers and requesting payment in Bitcoin, prepaid gift cards, and bank wire transfers.

NYPD told, scammers had already gained millions of dollars by exploiting the trusty reputation of government agencies.

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