Apple’s New Patent: iPhone Can Be Controlled In The Future!


According to foreign media reports, the US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) recently granted Apple a patent for hovering technology, allowing users to manipulate Apple devices through their fingers or Apple Pencil. It is convenient for the user to have both hands inconvenience or the position and angle of the device are not suitable for finger touch.

The patent, titled “Devices, Methods, and User Interfaces for Interacting with User Interface Objects Based on Proximity and Contact-Based Inputs,” allows users to rely on continuous touch-screen hovering to enhance gestures for new manipulation experiences, users You can use your hand or Apple Pencil to get close to the screen without touching the screen. Such as zooming and swiping gestures on the device screen, etc., giving users a new type of interactive experience.

Although some smart devices already support gesture manipulation, they are extremely limited and not yet widely available. Their main problem is the inability to work seamlessly with traditional touch interfaces. The touch screen and the non-contact screen may adopt two sets of gesture systems, which increases the learning cost of the user. The development of Apple’s patent is aimed at solving these two problems.

The patent also illustrates how the interface object moves around to track the hovering position of the stylus or finger to achieve a similar effect as a straight contact screen. For example, the user can use a grab action to move a portion of the text or image, and then move it to another part of the document, then release it and then release the finger to release the cut and paste it to the location of the cursor.

Like the sci-fi movie “Iron Man”, Iron Man’s commonly used gestures to manipulate the holographic projection model, in fact, contains a lot of advanced technology.

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Additionally, in Apple’s solution, one or more sensors are used to detect the proximity of the input object (such as a stylus or finger) above the surface of the screen and the strength of the contact.

Although the patent has been published, there is no guarantee that Apple will introduce the patent into a future product or service center, but if it is possible, Apple is still very interested. This is not the first time Apple has studied hover-based interaction.

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