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Now Improve your Sound Quality on Spotify/Apple Music. Download Equalizer for your music app


Sound equalizers are widely used especially when we need to improve sound quality in music, videos, etc. Which many of us who use Spotify are looking for the ideal way to equalize the audio of the music since it is possible to significantly improve the sound quality in the application.

If you are one of those who use Spotify enough to listen to music in the car, connected to the stereo or simply through the headphones but you feel that it is not heard well or you want to improve the quality, we will teach you how to do it.


As we have mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is possible to give Spotify a better audio quality for this it is necessary to install a Sound Equalizer, not any since many are useless.

Bass Boost and Equalizer

Bass Bosst and Equalizer is one of the best Equalizer from the apps which are available in the market, it gives a 5 band EQ and it also allows the user to adjust a 3D effect for your music, it includes 16 present to suit your music style.

The app conjointly includes a convenience, therefore you’ll be able to gain fast access to sound management from the golem home screen. Bass Boost and Equalizer works with most music players on the market for a golem. The free version of the app will embody ads, however, you’ll be able to take away the ads by looking videos to gather coins (10 coins per video and you would like fifty coins to get rid of the ads).

Equalizer & Bass Booster 

One of the best to use with Spotify is Equalizer & Bass Booster, it is a powerful multimedia equalizer compatible with all apps. This application allows you to adjust the levels or optimize to the best sound quality since you can choose between 14 different bands to find the indicated one.

If you are one of those who like to listen to music with many bass or Mega Bass this is the right application, it works quite well and is free.

Equalizer FX. Pro

Another of the equalizers quite used by those who have Spotify is Equalizer FX. Pro, is a powerful sound manager for cell phones since it is possible to improve the sound quality in both applications and Android.

Among its features, we can find that it comes with Audio Filter, bass boost, volume enhancer, etc.

In addition Equalizer FX. Pro has a Widget with a switch to turn on or off easily when we need to use it.


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Equalizer – Bass and volume

Another one that you can not miss is the Equalizer – Bass and volume amplifier that is also free for Android, it has many options including bass boost, media volume control, surround sound effect in music, Bass Booster for headphones and headphones, etc.

Best of all, it has 5 different equalizer bands, which will allow you to find the best one to play music on Spotify.


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