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5 Tips to Save Mobile Battery


If you’re on the road and the battery of your smartphone goes out, that is anything but frustrating.

Thus, there are five tips for you, which allow a longer battery endurance. Those who use these tips usually save more energy and have more fun using the mobile phone.

Tip 1: Turn off the battery eaters

It is best if the battery is not consumed by the smartphone at all. That’s why you switch off the power on the iPhone directly if you do not need them. The endurance of the battery with Samsung phones, for example, improved by disconnecting the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

In addition, the GPS on the smartphone should be turned off when you do not need it. If your Android device or iPhone is spoiled for choice whether you use the WLAN or a mobile data use, in terms of battery endurance, the Wi-Fi connection is the more economical.

It is best if you are with your smartphone near a router. Thus, the endurance of the smartphone can be increased. A little tip for frequent users: A power bank is a helpful external accessory that provides your smartphone with additional power for recharging the phone.

Tip 2: Restrain apps on the smartphone

Apps that are downloaded on the iPhone or on the mobile phone with the Android operating system not only cost a lot of data but also consume a great deal of energy. Apps that often retrieve messages automatically or send push messages are absolute power hogs.

A tip would be here to make the setting on the smartphone that the synchronization takes place manually. Thus one can decide for example on the smartphone, when and how often it updates news. For Android smartphones, this can be set under accounts.

Tip 3: Dim the brightness

The battery life of a smartphone lasts longer if the brightness of the screen is reduced. Amoled displays, such as those used by Samsung, hardly consume much battery. Most iPhones have liquid crystal screens expect the new X- series, that plays a big role when it comes to brightness adjustment.

With these iPhone models and Android devices, the brightness can be set manually or automatically adapted to the sun’s rays. Here you should fall back on the manual setting because the automatic presetting is often chosen too bright.

Tip 4: Pay attention to the battery

It is important, whether the iPhone or Android device to maintain the battery. Lithium-ion batteries can cope with up to 3,000 charge cycles without sacrificing performance. The batteries should not be overcharged, so there are battery chargers that detect when the battery is full and then turn off the power automatically.

The smartphone should not be exposed to heat or cold to gain endurance. That’s why you should not leave the phone unprotected in extreme temperatures, such as in the car, in winter or summer.

Tip 5: Boost Stamina: Turn Off Haptic Feedback

To increase the endurance of the smartphone, the haptic feedback – for example, that it vibrates when touched – should be turned off. For Android phones, this can be easily turned off at the menu item sounds. Thus, the function, which is not a necessary feature, stopped and you save a lot of battery.

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