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The iPhone SE was launched back in 2016 with the A9 bionic chip which made its headline with the iPhone 6S which also saw the introduction of 3D touch. Is the iPhone SE still a standalone phone to be able to be used as the main device in 2019?

Well, with the release of iOS 13 for developers, we had a chance to get hands on the latest operating system which fortunately will also be released for iPhone SE. Here are some major changes which are introduced with the iOS 13:-

1. Dark Theme

It is here finally! Dark theme has been one of the most talked about topics when it comes to the new updates and finally apple has introduced it with the iOS 13.

2. Revamped Photos app

The new update also brings a new feature which curates the entire photo library and displays a selection of highlight from your life segregated by day, month and year. It intelligently organises pictures and videos, making it easier to browse those favourite moments!

3. Sign In with Apple

With this new feature, users can conveniently sing into apps and websites using the Apple IDs. It will be authenticated using the Face ID or Touch ID.

4. Revamped Apple Maps

People in India have not been much fan of the Apple maps anyway and this new update brings an Apple’s version of Google Street View. It won’t work in India, so.

5. Photo & Video editing tools

Editing images will now be much easier with the editing tools right at the bottom of the app! Also, the editing tools previously available for photos are now available for videos too! Yes, we can now rotate, crop and apply filters to our videos too!

6. The new Volume rocker

Finally! Apple gets rid of the boring Volume HUD and we finally have this new revamped volume rocker.

7. A more “natural” Siri

Siri has all new voice which seems more natural now. Siri also welcomes “Indian” voice with the new update and the accent feels natural!

8. Voice Control

It exactly is what it sounds like! This feature is majorly for the Handicapped people who have difficulty using the phone. Now, with just voice commands, user can control the phone and its features. I already see the lazy people cheering up!

9. Swipe-typing

Although, swipe typing has been a part of android since almost a decade now, it is finally here in iOS too!

These are the major upgrades that will be introduced in the iOS 13 along with some minor quality updates like smoother swiping experience. The public beta is expected to release around July.

We did a real-life comparison of the performance between iPhone SE and iPhone XR. Even though the SE is a 3-year-old device, it gave a tough competition to the iPhone XR. It just lagged a bit in graphic heavy apps like PUBG and other heavy games. Otherwise, it performed up to the level of iPhone XR. It does sound unbelievable, so, here is a link to the performance test:

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