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Apple introduced a lot of exciting stuff at this year’s WWDC Developer Conference. The star of the keynote was the new operating system iOS 13. This is to make the iPhone darker, faster and more private. We introduce you to the five best innovations.

But Apple’s software chief Craig Federighi has already presented all the updates – and that’s a whole lot again. We list the five best innovations for you.

Finally comes iOS 13: The new operating system for the iPhone is currently available in a beta version for paying developers. In the course of June, we should also be able to try the new edition itself.

The finished version then appears as usual for free in the fall. An exact date is not fixed yet.iOS 13: The 5 Best Updates
First things first: iOS 13 is available for all devices from the iPhone 6s. The iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will no longer receive the system update.

1. The dark fashion

The longest expected was probably the new dark fashion. With iOS 13, we can finally wrap our operating system in dark colors. This looks our iPhone soon more aesthetically.

We can set the dark mode to automatically turn on at sunset or at a specific time.

Apple also seems to put on a real black background. iPhones with an OLED display thus save a lot of power because they do not have to illuminate black pixels.

OLED stands for “Organic Light Emitting Diode”. With this technology, individual pixels are themselves the light source. So far, it is only installed in the iPhone X and in the iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

2. iOS 13 makes your iPhone faster

The impatient among us should certainly be particularly pleased that Apple has optimized the speed. The new operating system makes unlocking with face recognition Face ID now 30 percent faster than before.

Even apps should start twice as fast on iOS 13. And Apple has also worked on the sizes of the applications. They are 50 percent smaller during download, updates even 60 percent.

3. A better photos app

Apple has cleaned up the Photos app and made sure photos and videos are organized intelligently. Your iPhone now automatically highlights the best images so they do not get lost in the flood of snapshots.

Even more exciting for photographers and photo enthusiasts are the new possibilities for image editing. Most photo tools in iOS 13 are also available for video. So we can edit moving images directly in the app.

In addition, Apple has improved the portrait mode and added a “high-key mono” effect, which should provide a monochrome appearance.

4. Log in with Apple

For more privacy, Apple is implementing a new solution for authorizations. We’ll soon be able to sign in to apps and websites with our Apple ID.

So far, this was only possible on their own Facebook or Google account. This also gave developers the opportunity to track them accordingly.

Apple now provides us with a randomly generated ID for each app. If we then log in as usual, our privacy is protected from the developers. That sounds pretty good in theory.

5. A new map app

The map app seems to be permanently in the shadow of Google Maps. Of course, Apple wants to change that and has therefore travelled according to its own statement over six million kilometers to develop a new card design.

Apple Maps should score with a clear base map and high-resolution 3D images, improved pedestrian data and more accurate addresses. It should also be a function that allows us to store our favourite places, restaurants and other destinations.

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