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Best Photo Editors for Instagram


Instagram is the best platform for anyone looking to share their photos online. But when it comes to editing pictures, this service, of course, can not be considered a leader.

Nevertheless, there are several photo editing applications that allow you to share enhanced copies of photos right on Instagram.

The main difference between conventional image editing and photo editing apps for Instagram is the latest built-in sharing capabilities. Thanks to them, photos can be sent directly to Instagram.

Recently, sharing has become an integral part of many applications, most of their photo editors include this feature. This means that there is no need to physically save the photo on a local drive before posting to Instagram. This function has many applications that are not related to Instagram. You should not assume that the connection with photo hosting is present only in related solutions.

These applications open Instagram as a source of sharing, allowing you to apply any additional filters to your photo and make signatures. This is a very useful feature, because Instagram is deprived of the possibility of serious editing images, which is so in demand when creating a photo with a smartphone.

Instagram photo editors are different from applications for repost to this network, which allow you to just post photos of other users in your feed.


This application from Google can be called a favorite choice of photographers with a smartphone, thanks to its simple, but detailed tools.

The main advantage of Snapseed are its tools for sampling and editing with a brush. They allow you to change certain sections in your photo, and not just apply the new settings to the entire image at once. In other words, in the case of overexposure of a specific object, you can only change it, and the brightness and exposure for the rest of the image remain unchanged.

Snapseed includes a variety of filters and other advanced tools.

After you finish working on your image, you can export it or share it in your Instagram feed. In the second case, an application will open, which will allow you to publish the photo in the selected platform.

Download: Snapseed for Android | iOS (free)

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A color story

And although this app is not proprietary to Instagram and is not related to it, it is rather strongly integrated into this platform.

Color Story has many tools, including filters and options for working with photos. Many of them are available for free, but the photo editing application includes a number of paid filters.

Color Story allows you to create captions and schedule a reminder for posting images on Instagram, as other planners do: Buffer and Crowdfire. It is possible to link the Instagram application directly to Color Story using your login on this network.

Such a complex integration means that the Color Story app really corresponds to the concept of a photo editor for Instagram. And when publishing images, the program copies the signature to the clipboard, while opening the Instagram application.

Download: A Color Story for Android | iOS (free)


This application is also a popular choice for photo editing. VSCO can send results directly to Instagram. But the most important thing is that the application has its own photo-sharing platform. This makes it one of Instagram’s alternatives for those who like to photograph with a smartphone.

Among your own VSCO tools, you can select many filters and customization tools. The application allows you to save predefined settings if there is a certain sequence of actions that can be applied to all of your images. And although most tools are available for free, VSCO blocks some features by requiring a subscription.

After you finish editing the image, you can publish it on the VSCO platform. However, it is also possible to share the picture on other resources, including send to Instagram.

The main disadvantage of VSCO is the need to create an account to use the application. This can interfere with users who require privacy and those who do not want to link third-party accounts with their email.

Download: VSCO for Android | iOS (free, with a possible paid subscription)

Adobe Photoshop Express

This program has an impressive set of photo editing tools, including filters, enhancements and creating collages. After you produce the desired actions, the result can be shared on various social networks and applications, including on Instagram.

For the most part, the functionality of the program is free, but there are some premium features. And to use Photoshop Express, you’ll need to sign in with your Google, Facebook or Adobe account.

One of the relatively unique features of the application is the ability to select the export size of the edited image. This gives flexibility in the choice of quality and resolution of the final result.

Photoshop Express has extensive capabilities in image editing. But there is one drawback: the Adobe ecosystem implies the distribution of certain functions to other applications: Lightroom and Photoshop Fix. In other words, none of the company’s applications include all the image editing features created by Adobe.

But even with these limitations, Photoshop Express gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the many free features that set the program apart from other Adobe photo editing applications.

Download: Adobe Photoshop Express for Android | iOS (free)


Pixlr combines the functions of many other photo editing applications. Now all this can be found in one editor, which allows you to share the results on Instagram. The user can create collages and use interesting filters, as well as such interesting tools as stickers and frames. Another great feature of Pixlr is its overlay and double exposure feature.

The application also includes traditional tools such as anti-aliasing, adjustments, autocorrection, sharpening, and more. This is a very robust image editing application that even has brush editing features such as Snapseed. Of course, the settings in this case are limited.

After completing the work on the image, Pixlr offers a number of options for exporting it, including posting on Instagram.

Another advantage of Pixlr is the availability of a website that allows you to edit photos right on your computer.

Download: Pixlr for Android | iOS (free)



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