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Chrome Hidden Features for Your Smartphone You can Try


The Chrome browser is super-rich, but it has even more features than it seems at first glance. Many of them are hidden in hidden settings, which are not so easy to find. With their help, you can activate the experimental functions that are only being tested, and not the fact that they will ever be available to all users. 

To access the hidden settings, you must activate the menu with flags. To do this, enter chrome: // flags in the address bar and press the enter button. Here are a few dozen experimental options, but do not rush to activate everything, because it can disrupt the browser. Here is what we recommend to try:

  • Dark Theme: # enable-android-night-mode
  • List of open tabs instead of a grid: # enable-accessibility-tab-switcher
  • Preview page by link: # enable-ephemeral-tab
  • Extended context menu for links and images: # enable-custom-context-menu
  • Reading mode: # reader-mode-heuristics
  • Screen capture: # enable-usermedia-screen-capturing
  • Quick search for word meanings: # contextual-search-definitions
  • Smooth scrolling pages: # smooth-scrolling
  • Ability to download multiple files at once: # enable-parralel-downloading
  • Horizontal scrolling of open tabs: # enable-horizontal-tab-switcher
  • Organizing tabs into groups: # enable-tab-groups
  • Gradually loading images on pages as you scroll: # enable-lazy-image-loading
  • Move all control buttons down: # enable-chrome-duet

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