Netflix Finally Tests Their Own Picture-in-Picture Mode


Netflix plans to add another new feature in the future and is currently testing a new pop-out player that allows you to stream video in Picture-in-Picture mode on your PC.

The Netflix streaming service streams countless movies, series and documentaries as a stream, and regularly works to improve the viewer experience. Even better than just looking at Netflix, it would be possible to do other things at the same time.

Netflix is ​​currently testing a new player that can stream video in Picture-in-Picture mode on your PC. As the system progresses, you will be able to watch your stream and work or do other things in the future.

According to Engadget , while watching a stream, just click on the bottom of the toolbar and select the appropriate player. You can adjust the size of the window as you like, but subtitles do not seem to work.

So far, Netflix has not officially confirmed the option. After a request, Engadget received only a picture with the text: “This is just a test”.


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