Companies Secretly Working With Huawei Even After US Sanctions


The willingness of US companies to refuse to cooperate with Huawei because of the US sanctions was so obvious only because they knew that they could continue to work together. As reported by The New York Times, citing well-informed sources, many enterprises that have declared a break with Huawei have found a loophole in the law that allows them to continue their cooperation. But, you see, everything looked so believable!

To date, at least two large corporations that continue to cooperate with Huawei are known. This is a manufacturer of Intel processors and a manufacturer of memory chips Micron. They were able to circumvent the ban on working with a Chinese company thanks to their subsidiaries registered outside the United States. On their behalf, Intel and Micron enter into contracts with Huawei and continue joint trading.

Huawei and USA

Most likely, Intel and Micron cooperate with Huawei through their Taiwanese branches. They are outside the jurisdiction of the United States and allow Huawei to provide the necessary components without losing profit. True, reliable information about the territorial affiliation of the subsidiaries of Intel and Micron has not yet been confirmed, but this does not matter, because the fact that US companies are not ready to refuse to cooperate with Huawei is more important.

But does this mean that all companies without exception can follow a similar path? Most likely no. Only those companies that physically produce their products outside of the United States can do the same. For example, Intel and Micron microcircuits are manufactured in Taiwan, which means that they are considered to be Taiwanese by American law. Another thing is Android. Due to the fact that the OS has no material form, it is unlikely to recognize it as an imported good.

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