Will Apple be Able to Survive Without Johnny Ive?


On June 27, it became known that Johnny Ive would leave Apple and open his own design company. He went to this decision for several years.

Back in 2014, Ive said that he would quit only if Apple ceased to offer innovative solutions. In May 2015, he was appointed to the position of design top manager specially created for him, and directing the teams involved in the development of the appearance of equipment and software interfaces until 2017, for the most part, was entrusted to other managers.

In 2015, in an interview with New Yorker, Ive told that feels deeply tired and constantly experiencing anxiety. The year of work on the design of Apple Watch and the watchOS interface led him to such a state – this time he called the most difficult for all the time at Apple.

In recent months, Ive came to the office only a couple of times a week, and the rest of the time he spent travelling. Often, he met with members of his team at their home, in hotels and other places, rather than in the workplace. Ive also equipped his own studio in San Francisco, where he worked on part of the projects. It is probably on the basis of this studio that its startup will be launched.

The direct leader of Johnny Ive was Tim Cook, and before him Steve Jobs. The Information site leads funny case: allegedly Ive, who never drove the car, developed the concept of an Apple Car drone. According to his plan, this machine should be controlled by Siri, and at the presentation of this project the role of the voice assistant was played by the actress. Tim Cook rejected this concept, finding it too eccentric even for Apple.

Quince had other failures. He can be considered partly responsible for the antenna of the iPhone 4, problems with several generations of MacBook keyboards, the design of the Mac Pro in the dubious trashcan style, humpback covers for several iPhone models and the poor placement of the Lightning port at the bottom of the Apple Mouse.

With Quince leaving Apple, it’s unlikely that anything will change. Firstly, the company will still have design teams trained by them and their leaders, and secondly, the startup LoveFrom founded by him will work closely with Apple. In addition, any design decision is coordinated at the top management level, and if Tim Cook or someone else from Apple’s management is not satisfied with how this or that product looks, it will be sent back for revision.

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