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What is Theater Mode And How To Enable It in Apple Smart Watch


Starting with WatchOS 3.2 version Apple Watch, a new regime of ” Theater » (Theater Mode), to disable the automatic activation of the Apple Watch screen when picked up the wrist. The function is useful if you go to the theater or cinema, where the glowing display will be out of place. Also, it will be appreciated by those who, even in a dream or while taking a shower, do not part their smart watches.

How to enable Theater mode (masked icon) on Apple Watch
The “ Theater ” option appeared in the “ Control Point ”, so switching it on and off is not difficult.

Raise your wrist or tap the screen to activate the Apple Watch screen, or press the Digital Crown wheel.

Call the “ Control Point ” by swiping your finger up the screen.

Swipe your finger up the screen again until the icon appears in the form of two theatrical masks.

Click on the icon.

A description of the “ Theater ” mode will appear. Click again to activate it.

When the “Theater” mode is activated, the icon in the form of masks will be displayed each time you activate the screen.

In order to exit the mode, you need to open the “ Control Station” again and click on the corresponding button.

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