iPhone 11/11R Expected To Be Launched on Early September


The hiking sales of iPhones around the globe tell us about the increasing popularity of iPhone among consumers worldwide. With the release of the iOS 13 beta, the pace of the new generation of iPhones is gradually approaching.

In the latest report, PhoneArena analyzed the release, launch date and price of the 2019 iPhone, and integrated a lot of clues.

After Cook took office, the new iPhone in the fall was released in early September, with the most flops on September 12, and the iPhone X and iPhone XS were released on this day, so there are Reasons to speculate that “iPhone 11” follows the convention.¬†September 12 this year is a Thursday, and there is nothing wrong with it.

As for the time to market, PhoneArena guessed in mid-November. Frankly speaking, there is no sign of any delay this year. In fact, simultaneous sales at the end of September are more reliable.

In terms of price, the iPhone 11 128GB is expected to start at $1,000, the 256GB and 512GB will be raised to $1,100 and $1,200, and the iPhone 11 Plus’s 128GB will be available for $1,100.

As for the iPhone 11R, the starting point should be $750.

In terms of form factor and basic specifications, the iPhone 11 series will use a rear square camera module with a high probability. The 11/11 Plus is a three-shot and the 11R is a dual-camera. In addition, it is said that Apple will completely remove the 3D Touch feature to reduce costs. It is also expected to replace the same USB-C interface as the iPad Pro.

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