Chinese Released iPhone XI Replica Before Official Launch of iPhone XI


In China, a fake copy of the not yet released iPhone model of 2019 appeared on sale. It completely copies the design, which has become known for several leaks, but, of course, works on Android, and not on iOS.

The fake iPhone XI has a large rectangular camera module with rounded corners, three lenses and a flash. On the back cover is applied Apple logo in the form of a bitten apple and the model is indicated – iPhone.

A fake done quite accurately and reliably. Judging by the video, the smartphone has a metal case with a glass coating, and for the front camera there is a large cut-out at the top of the screen.

The Chinese even tried to copy the iOS interface to finally confuse the deceived user and assure him that this is an iPhone, and not an Android smartphone. Apple services, exclusive for iOS (for example, FaceTime), on this device, of course, do not work.

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