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What’s App to Update a New Feature Soon to let you Share Your What’s App Status to Facebook


A new WhatsApp feature that lets users share status directly to Facebook and other apps!

WhatsApp has been testing a new feature in which users can share their WhatsApp stories directly to Facebook and other apps including Instagram, Gmail, or Google Photos.

Statuses can be shared directly on Facebook, although there is no news of the two being linked. The same iOS and android data-sharing APIs is being used in this case. That means, data is transferred between the apps present on device. Basically, even when data is shared to other apps owned by Facebook, like Instagram, both the posts will be separate events in Facebook’s system, and there will be no link whatsoever. Although, there is no option to share it automatically over the platforms like Instagram.

Facebook has already been facing charges against ‘private’ data of users and sharing it. So, WhatsApp needs to be careful about sharing data with Facebook.

Credits: The Verge

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