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Spotify vs Apple Music: Which streaming service will soon be ahead?


Spotify is in the running for the title for the most successful streaming service far ahead of Apple. But is that really true? iTunes is soon history. For this Apple will release three new apps in the fall. We’ll explain why this might be a clever idea.

In the fall, the new Apple operating system Mac OS Catalina for Mac will be released. The update also means the end for iTunes. Apple replaces the multimedia software with three new apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcast and Apple TV.

Apple hopes that splitting it will make it even easier to discover our favourite music, new TV shows, movies and podcasts.

Actually, it sounds as if the change would cost us more time and nerves. After all, we no longer find all the content in one place but have to manage three apps and switch back and forth.

Spotify is available to all

Spotify, on the other hand, has collected everything in one place. The fact that the Swedish company has long been more than a streaming service. Here we want to compare Spotify but only as such with Apple Music.

Apple Music has not been able to outperform Spotify so far. This was probably due to the fact that the streaming service was long accessible only with an Apple device. The weakness has been fixed and the app is also available for Android users. Spotify was that much earlier.

In addition, Spotify makes it easier for us to complete a family subscription. We can easily share the streaming service with other people. The procedure with Apple Music is different. For this, every user also needs an Apple ID.

Spotify has easier access than iTunes

What Spotify makes its customers much easier than Apple: The Swedish streaming service is also available for free. Then, though, with commercial breaks, which can sometimes annoy pretty. But at least we have the opportunity, even without a free trial subscription in the application to sniff.

Apple Music can only be used with a completed subscription. The prices are about ten euros for an individual and about 15 euros for a family of up to six people the same as Spotify. However, the free trial is here for a full three months. With Spotify, you have to pay after one month.

Apple Music is well worth it for Apple users

How worthwhile the division of Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV will ultimately remain to be seen.

The signs for the innovation for Apple customers are good. After all, all applications seem to have plenty to offer. Above all, the split apps could provide much more overview.

It also seems that Apple customers will benefit more from the new apps than from Spotify, given the sheer volume of features.

It only gets a bit awkward if we want to share a premium account with family members who do not have an Apple ID. The first would have to invest one.

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