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Premium Version Of Firefox Coming In The Fall


Mozilla’s boss Chris Beard has called plans for payment services within Firefox to a German medium . This should be another source of income, because Mozilla is heavily dependent on the revenue through the search business.

Mozilla is planning a premium version of Firefox, Mozilla chief Chris Beard told T3N magazine in an interview . Currently, the company is heavily dependent on the revenue from the search business, which corresponds to at least 90 percent. In addition, Mozilla earned via the browser something about its content service Pocket. Firefox with Premium Services will become a third source of revenue. That should reduce the dependence on the search business.

Already in the autumn of 2019 it should be so far. By subscription, for example, it will be possible to get VPN bandwidth, so Beard to T3N. A certain amount will be free of charge, probably as a trial offer. Larger volumes are offered via a subscription. The target group is above all users who are often logged in to public WLAN systems. This recognizes Firefox itself and then proposes the use of the VPN service.


Firefox remains free and usable without restrictions

Beard also assures that there is no plan to charge for things that are currently free. Firefox remains usable as usual. In addition, the VPN idea is only one option. Probably in October, Mozilla will give more details and possibly other services, with which Mozilla wants to earn additional money.

Firefox is currently available in version 67 . Already in July, the next big step on Firefox 68 is planned. This brings again an extended support release for companies. This ESR variant gets only important patches over a long period of time and no new features like the main version of Firefox.

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