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How to Check Your Password Strength and How Fast Can it be Cracked


According to statistics, every year the activity of hackers is growing more and more. Every day, many users around the world become victims of intruders and are hacked.

At the same time, this fate can be avoided by simply setting fairly complex passwords for your accounts on various resources. However, how to determine the strength of the password? One of the fastest and most effective methods of verification is described in this manual.

How to check the password strength online and find out the time during which it can be hacked

1. Follow the link

This is a link to a special service from the developer of the popular anti-virus software “Kaspersky Lab“. This service is able to assess the reliability of a password by selecting it using the so-called “brute force” (brute force method). At the same time, the page is absolutely safe to use, because it does not collect or store passwords.

If for some reason you do not want to enter your real password, then change one or several characters in it. The result of the test is practically not affected.

2. Enter the password you want to check in the Test your password box.

3. Get the test result.

After entering the password, the service indicates the amount of time required to crack it on a regular computer. Users with this indicator less than a few years are advised to come up with a more reliable password.

It is noteworthy that, according to the service, it will take around 3261 centuries to crack the password offered by the generator built into Safari on Mac.

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