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How To Recover Deleted Messages in WhatsApp


Many WhatsApp users often delete messages to get additional storage space. It is easy to remove them, but if the user suddenly changed his mind or erased something important by mistake, he would like to restore the information.

There are several ways to recover messages even without having a backup on Google Drive. It does not matter what OS you are using. In this article we will look at several ways for Android and iPhone with which you can easily do it!

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Recovery on Android

Few WhatsApp users know that this service backs up data every day at 2:00 AM. The time is set by default and cannot be changed by yourself.

First, you need to completely remove WhatsApp from your phone. Then go to the Google Play Store, download the messenger and reinstall it. It will be necessary to go through the verification process with the receipt of a 6-digit code. Log in and follow the prompts.

After completing the check, WhatsApp will automatically find a backup on the phone from which you will be prompted to restore the messages. Here you can see the size of the copy, as well as the date of its creation.

Click the Restore button to begin the process of recovering data from the found copy. After the process is over, the program will indicate the number of messages found.

Recovery on Android via File Manager

As mentioned in this article, WhatsApp creates a local backup of the data daily. Using the instructions above, you will restore messages from the latest backup. If you need to use an older archive, you will need a file explorer. I recommend using ES File Explorer, but you can use any other of our review.

Run the explorer. Examine the internal memory of the smartphone and find the folder at the following address: / WhatsApp / databases. This is where the copies we need are stored. Depending on the user and factory settings of the smartphone, this folder may be located in the internal or external memory.

If you cannot find the folder at this address, click the search icon and enter “msgstore” without quotes.

You will see several search results in this date format: msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12.

Now you can choose to restore any file according to the date it was created. The first file in the list (msgstore.db.crypt12) has no date – it is the most recent backup copy of messages. Before continuing, move it to any other folder and rename it – you can give it any name.

It remains to select the backup file that you want to use to restore messages. Delete the part of the name with the date to make it look like “msgstore.db.crypt12”.

It has already described how WhatsApp detects and restores the backup file. Now you need to repeat this process – first remove and then re-install the messenger and agree to restore the backup upon the first launch. That’s all!

iOS Recovery

WhatsApp managed to negotiate a collaboration with Google and Apple. But in the data storage these giants did not want to work together. You cannot save a WhatsApp backup to Google Drive from iPhone, because they are stored in iCloud.

The update frequency is set by the user in the application. By default, automatic copying of messages is carried out daily.

So, remove WhatsApp from iPhone. Again, download the messenger from the App Store and install it. You will be asked to confirm the phone number with a one-time password.

WhatsApp will ask if you want to restore data from the latest backup. If not, click Skip. If there is, then click the “Restore” button in the upper right corner. Here you can see the size and date of creation of the file. After the operation is completed, it will be possible to read the deleted messages.

Restore to iOS via iTunes

If you use iTunes for regular backups, then there is nothing to fear. If not used, then there is nothing to help you with.

Unfortunately, iTunes does not allow you to recover only messages from the chat or any individual files. We’ll have to restore the entire iPhone, with all the applications along with the settings.

Ready to go for it? Then connect your iPhone to the computer with iTunes installed using the Lightning cable and launch iTunes. The program should automatically detect the smartphone. You will be prompted to unlock the iPhone. After that, click the device icon in the upper left corner of the program window.

Wait until the operation is completed and start the messenger. Everything!

If you still have any questions about this method, then you can read more detailed instructions on the official Apple website. We hope that you will succeed!

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