How to Hide Photos in Google Photos?


Probably you and like many others started using Google photos instead of other photo galleries, but there is one BUT! How to hide Google photos?

I, my friends and millions of other users are switching from standard galleries or other applications downloaded to Google Play in favour of Google Photo. All because “Photo” has:

  • Convenient photo timeline
  • Albums
  • Photo editing
  • Google Cloud Unlimited Photo Storage

But maybe you, like me, lack in Google Photos such a function as hiding certain photos? Since version 2.15.0, a similar function has appeared that hides the photo from the general list in a special folder.

If you want to completely hide the photo or folder is recommended to read!

What is Google Photos

Users nowadays do not have a shortage of such services, which automatically download backup copies of photos and can provide access to them on any device. So, offhand, you can immediately call Flickr, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud and many others. But Google Photos began to stand out quickly against their background, the number of active users per month exceeded 500 million people, and this is only after two years of existence.

Downloading this mobile application is quite simple from the Google Play Store or AppStore.

Note: on most Android devices, the Google Photos application is already preinstalled, you just need to update it to the latest version.

After launching the application, it is strongly recommended that you turn on autoload of photos in the cloud and synchronize the gallery if this is not done, then some of the application functions will be simply unavailable to you.

The service from Google offers a truly unlimited backup of all the photos (and videos) that are on your device. But there is a caveat: all of them must be of quality less than 16 megapixels so that they really remain in unlimited quantities. Higher resolution images that you upload to the cloud will automatically be converted to 16 megapixels, and the quality of clips with a resolution higher than 1080p will be reduced.

But still, there is an opportunity to save photos with “original quality”. If you choose this type of saving, the images will occupy the online storage allocated for your account, which will also be used in conjunction with Gmail, Google Drive and other Google services. (Naturally, you can pay Google to increase the amount of allocated disk space.)

How to hide photos in google photos?

Method 1. Hide photos in Google Photos

For starters, it would be nice to put the application on a password! And so, to hide the “uncomfortable” photos from the Google Photos application you need:

The time needed:  1 minute.

  1. Go to the application and go to the “Photos” tab
  2. Select the photos you want to hide from the general list
  3. Press the additional menu button
  4. Select “Send to Archive”

To later view all the photos that you transferred to the Archive:

  1. Open the main menu of Google Photo
  2. You will see the Archive section, which contains all the photos that you transferred

Method 2. How to hide photos from Google Photos and other galleries?

In order to hide photos in Google photos and smartphones so that no one could detect them, you need to do this:

Open Explorer, select a photo and rename it, or rather put a dot at the beginning of the file name:

the photo is visible Foto.jpg -----> the photo is hidden . Foto.jpg

Method 3. How to hide the folder in google photo and other galleries?

If you need to hide a large number of images or an entire folder, then the first option will not work, because you need to rename many files.

Open the file manager, find the folder and add a dot to the beginning of its name.

the folder is visible Folder_Foto.jpg -----> the folder is hidden . Folder_Foto.jpg

There is another option to hide the folder in google photo, copy the .nomedia file (file in the archive) to the folder and restart Android.

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