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Google to Soon Unveil AirDrop Like Feature in Android


Soon in Android-smartphones, Google will unveil of one of the best features of the iPhone and iPad – instant file sharing via AirDrop like feature. A feature called Fast Share was discovered by XDA Developers and 9to5google.

The technology works simultaneously with two wireless standards: Bluetooth is used to search for devices nearby, and the connection and file transfer is carried out via Wi-Fi Direct. So you can send any documents, photos and videos, as well as a large amount of text from the clipboard.

For the function to work, you need to activate Bluetooth and positioning, and the devices must be next to each other – the detection range of the smartphone does not exceed a couple of tens of centimetres.

Restrict the visibility of your gadget is not possible: only a complete disabling feature is available. You can add users with whom you constantly exchange files to the list of favorite contacts – in this case, you don’t need to bring smartphones to each other, the main thing is to be within the range of Wi-Fi Direct.

Fast Share can work not only with Android smartphones, but also with tablets, smartwatches and laptops on Chrome OS. In addition, there is the likelihood of fast file transfer from Android to iOS and vice versa: of course, on the iPhone for this, Google will release the corresponding application.

When Fast Share appears in the system is still unknown, we may see an innovation along with the release of the next Android build. Also on the XDA note that the system version is unlikely to be important for the function, as it is part of the Google Play services.

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