Google Planning for A Very Strange Folding Phone


A Google patent has appeared on the Internet with a completely new version of a folding smartphone. The application has been sent to the World Intellectual Property Organization ( WIPO ).

The smartphone is like a book. But not as Samsung Galaxy Fold, but as a book with paper pages. The image shows that there will be many displays. The technology used is based on Google’s earlier patent on thin and flexible modular layers.

The new patent proposes to merge the layers as if they were pages in a book. All components of the device can be placed in the central part – as it is implemented in Huawei Mate X or very similar.

The patent image has five displays, but in the final version there may be more or less. This is a concept that demonstrates another use of the folding display. Whether it will even reach the consumer is unknown.

Most likely, this is a patent for the sake of a patent that will never see real use. It is difficult to imagine why so many displays are needed, when only one of two can be made large. And it is very difficult to imagine the price of such a smartphone if it appears on the market.

Considering all the problems that folding smartphones currently have, this concept is certainly impossible to implement: technology giants such as Samsung and Huawei cannot cope with simpler options.

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