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Google Assistant Coolest Tricks for Android Users


                     Google Assistant: the unsung hero of the work-shy!

What is Google Assistant?

Google assistant is just like how it sounds. No, it can’t get you your files from the cabinet, but it can get you files from your smart-device! It is a virtual assistant application which can be controlled through voice commands. You need to set up the virtual assistant and then you’re good to go. Some smartphones have also introduced a dedicated button for Assistant. Alternately, you can access the virtual assistant through voice commands like “Hey Google” or, “Okay Google”.

The major advantage of the assistant is that it trains on the voice of the user. So, you can make sure that when you call out, your assistant recognizes you! Although, it gets better with time. These are the few things that the google assistant can help you out with:

  1. Identify a Song

Ask google to identify a song by saying “hey google, what’s that song?” or “identify the song” and google will listen to it and help you identify it almost instantly!

  1. Calendar & Events App

You can ask google to show you your upcoming events too! It can also set up events for you. You just have to say what event you want it to set, like “set a meeting for 5 pm” and vice-versa. It will ask you a couple of details like title or time of event and you’re good to go without even opening your calendar.

  1. Calculator & Unit Conversion    

Ask google to do calculations! Just activate the assistant and say, like “what is 5 multiplied by 5” or, just “5 multiplied by 5”. It can also convert units the same way. It can be anything, currency or length. Even temperature, basically anything that can be converted!

  1. Dining & Restaurant Apps

“Hey Google, I’m hungry” and see what the assistant does! You can ask the assistant to search dining options around you or search any particular restaurants around you.

  1. Take pictures!

A personal assistant to click pictures? Why not! Just ask your Google assistant “Hey Google, click a picture” and it will open the camera and click a picture for you!

  1. Weather App

Feeling too hot or too cold? Or just want to know what are the chances of raining? Just ask you google assistant! Like “Hey Google, what’s the weather like today?” or “what is the temperature today?”  and you will get your answer.

  1. Food Calculator

Count the calories before you have your meal. Pretty sure all the fitness enthusiasts or the on-the-diet people need this feature for making maximum benefits out of the food they eat!

  1. Games and Fun

The assistant can also take care of your boredom. Just say “hey google, I’m bored”. This useful command can entertain you with jokes and even games like tic-tac-toe or solitaire.

  1. Sports App

Be it any live event of your favourite sport, google has it all covered. Ask google to display the details of an ongoing or a previous game in times you have no access to tv and you want to know the scores!

  1. Open any application

Taking laziness to the next level, ask you assistant to open your apps for you. It also comes in handy when your hands are wet.

  1. Make Calls

“Hey Google, call *name*” and you won’t even need to open your phonebook anymore. If you have multiple contacts with the same name, just try saying the first name and see what happens. (hint, google displays all the contacts and asks you to choose one)

  1. Send Messages

Just like making calls, you can ask google to send text messages. The command goes like – “Hey Google, send a message to *name* saying *message*”. And that’s it!

  1. Get Directions

The google assistant can get you directions to an unfamiliar or a new place you are planning to visit.

  1. Translate Languages

Ever wanted to know what is a word from your native language called in a different language? Google is here to help! Simply activate the assistant and ask for what you want to translate and into which language too!

  1. Check emails

“Hey Google, did I miss any emails from yesterday?” in case you want to check if you missed any mail from the day before. Use the command to your preference to check you mail!

  1. Sing a song

Google assistant can sing you songs too! “Hey Google, sing a song” or “Hey Google, can you rap?” try these commands the next time to check out what they do!

  1. Flip a coin

Need to toss a coin but no one has any? Make decisions easier with the assistant! Just ask the google assistant to flip




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