Apple Increases Sale after Huawei Ban. Can Apple Take Advantage of Huawei’s Sanctions to Increase Sales? [2020]

Apple Increases Sale after Huawei Ban

Apple Increases Sale after Huawei Ban

As it turned out, the US government sanctions imposed on Huawei may be in the hands of Apple. Production estimates, published by the source AppleInsider, showed that the company is preparing to increase the volume of orders for the iPhone against the background of the problems of a Chinese competitor.

Apple Increases Sale after Huawei Ban

True, the growth of production will be quite modest. If initially, Apple planned to order 39 million several iPhone models in the current quarter, now this volume has grown to 40 million devices. Among them, about 30 million iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, and others – iPhone 7, 8, and their Plus-version.

Apple Increases Sale after Huawei Ban

However, in the medium term, for Apple, the risks associated with political instability between the United States and China will remain. Tariffs for some components made in China can greatly increase, and thus affect the cost of the iPhone.

Apple Increases Sale after Huawei Ban

In addition, Apple smartphones are not the only attractive devices on the market: users who have been equipped with Huawei and Honor phones can switch to OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, or other solutions.

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